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Develop engaging and innovative digital content for Miami Ad School that highlights its unique educational offerings, cutting-edge curriculum, and vibrant student life. The content is aimed at promoting the school's programs and attracting new students by showcasing its commitment to fostering creativity and career success in the advertising and design industries.


The primary goal is to enhance Miami Ad School's online presence and appeal to prospective students through compelling digital content. This involves creating materials that not only inform but also inspire action and engagement, thereby increasing inquiries and enrollments.

Target Audience

The target audience includes prospective students aged 18-30.


Develop a content strategy that leverages video, social media, and interactive digital media to engage the target audience. The strategy includes:

  • Video Tours: Create virtual tours of the campus and day-in-the-life videos featuring current students and faculty to provide a real-life glimpse into the school environment and learning experiences.

  • Social Media Campaigns: Launch themed social media campaigns that showcase student projects, alumni success stories, and faculty insights, which highlight the school's community and educational impact.

  • Engagement Initiatives: Organize live Q&A sessions and webinars with faculty and alumni, offering direct interaction and deeper insights into the school's offerings.

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