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The project centered around creating a distinctive brand identity for "Barish," a new restaurant in Kolkata that blends traditional Bengali cuisine with an inventive approach. The challenge was to develop a visual narrative that communicates the unique culinary philosophy of Barish, rooted in local heritage yet aligned with contemporary dining trends.


The primary goal was to visually position Barish as a pioneer of innovative dining in Kolkata. The design needed to encapsulate both the nostalgia of Bengali traditions and the excitement of modern gastronomy, thereby attracting diners who appreciate a creative and upscale dining experience.

Target Audience

Fitness-conscious consumers aged 28 to 45 years, committed to a wholesome lifestyle


The target audience for Barish is predominantly food aficionados and lifestyle-driven individuals aged 25 to 45, who value a fusion of classic and contemporary in their culinary choices. These are individuals who seek not just a meal, but a culturally enriching experience that resonates with their sophisticated taste and appreciation for design.


The design solution included the following elements to forge a strong brand identity:

  • Logo Design: Crafting a logo that integrates elements of Bengali cultural art with modern design principles, symbolizing the fusion of old and new.

  • Visual Identity: Establishing a visual scheme that reflects the rich textures and colors of Kolkata’s streets and markets, applied consistently across all brand materials.

  • Typography and Color Scheme: Selection of a typeface and color palette that evokes warmth and authenticity, appealing directly to the emotional and aesthetic preferences of the target audience.

  • Interior Design Recommendations: Providing conceptual guidance for the restaurant’s interior that complements the visual identity, enhancing the dining experience through thoughtful, culturally inspired design details.

  • Collateral Design: Development of bespoke menu designs, staff uniforms, and tableware that reinforce the brand’s unique positioning and enhance the visual continuity within the dining space.

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