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Artificial Intelligence

Urban Customz


Pulp Portrait, Beautiful Jamaican Queen, GQ model pose, wearing Elegant & Luxurious Feather hat, Jamaican Colours, in the style of Russ Mills, Darek Zabrocki, ivan laliashvili, Jean-Baptiste Monge, atompunk, Ink Dropped in water, splatter drippings, pulp Manga, cinematic lighting , 8k --ar 9:16 --test --creative --upbeta

Prompt :


Elon Musk, Cyborg , Cyberpunk style —ar 24:36 --test --creative

Prompt :


Beautiful cyberpunk African Queen, GQ model pose, Ink painting, bold brushstrokes, Orphism, pattern, psychedelic, Concept art, dramatic lighting, Jamaican colours, intricate detail, 8k stylize --ar 2:3 —q 2

Prompt :


Mohamad Ali's hyper-realistic iconic fight scene octane render --ar 4:5

Prompt :

Created artwork using an AI tool.


Lady Gaga, Beautiful Woman dissolving into colorful liquid oil paint 4K symmetrical eyes, full body portrait , 2, wind , Feminine body, cinematic lighting, extremely detailed, photorealistic, by karol bak --ar 9:16 --test --creative

Prompt :


Electric guitar :: 2, detailed sketch design by Da Vinci, brown white and gold :: --ar 4:6 --q 2

Prompt :


Black premium metal skull, ornate designs, Photorealistic, Shot on Sony Alpha, highly detailed, 4K, cinematic lighting, sharp focus, Depth of field, fine details --ar 16:20

Prompt :


Cyberpunk Nike Shoes, Dramatic lighting, Product photoshoot 4k + uhd + 3d + octane render, --ar 16:20

Prompt :

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